Bluetooth headphones with rich but balanced sound, high-quality isolation from surrounding noise and powerful battery, thanks to which they play for up to 8 hours under a single charge. Their stylish design can be easily adjusted by changing the color of ear pads.

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Freedom without cables

Fast pairing using wireless technology provides reliable and clear sound reproduction from any Bluetooth equipped device. Don't be restricted by cables, enjoy the benefits of wireless connectivity in your daily activities and the feeling of freedom when listening to your music up to 10m from your mobile phone or laptop. Never again accidentally yank out the plug from your smartphone or break a cable.

Intuitive controls and powerful battery

Combined controls are located directly on the right ear-cup. Change track, volume or answer an incoming call at the touch of a button. Switch seamlessly from music to a call and back, all without having to hold your phone. Under a single battery charge the Blaze B-1 last for up to 8 hours playback or 180 hours in standby mode. Not only this, they can be used like conventional headphones and plugged directly into a device using the audio cable. This is especially useful when using a device that does not support Bluetooth or to conserve battery.

Functionality and style

The Blaze B-1 are durable headphones with a modern attractive design combining matt black and vibrant turquoise. The flexible adjustable headband along with the soft ear cushions adapt to any head shape and provide comfort over long-term use. The headphones can be practically folded so take up almost no space in your backpack. The pivoting ear-cups are ideal for DJs. The coloured ear pads can be changed to give you an individual look.

Audio nirvana

Blaze B-1 delivers a rich but balanced sound ensuring high-quality reproduction of various musical genres across the entire dynamic range from crisp highs and clear mids to deep bass. The audio performance is also ideal for film fans and gamers.

Different coloured ear cushions

Buy ear pads of various colours and the headphones can look different every day.


Headphones are easily paired with your phone, tablet, laptop or music player.

Bluetooth and hands-free

Play music with no cable at distance or use headphones to handle calls hands-free.

Controls on the headset

No more 'hunting' around for your phone in your pockets. Control music and take calls directly from the headphones.

Noise cancellation

Clean and undisturbed music listening with noise-cancelling technology and excellent ear cushions isolate from the environment.

High-quality battery

Blaze B-1 headphones are the ideal companion for all-day listening and continuously play for up to 8 hours per charge. In combination with standby mode it lasts much longer.

Play without charge

Connect the headphones using the stylish turquoise audio cable. They operate as normal conduction headphones and so work even when not charged.

Perfectly fits everyone

Flexible adjustable headband, together with soft ear cushions adapt to any head shape, allowing comfortable long-term use.

Compact design

Fold the headphones to pack and carry them around with you in your bag, without taking up space.

Pack contents

  • Headphones
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • 3.5mm jack audio cable
  • Headphone bag
  • 3 LAMAX Beat stickers
  • Operating Instructions
Online user manual Online catalog

Technical specifications

Wireless technology Bluetooth v2.1
Max. pairing distance Up to 10 m
Audio input 3.5mm jack
Audio cable length 1.2 m
Battery 3.7V Lithium-polymer 250 mAh
Playback time Up to 8 hours

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