Compact sound system is perfect for the streets of the city and countryside. High-quality sound from dual 10W speakers in a robust outdoor body, resistant to dust and water spray with a high-capacity battery able to play music for up to 20 hours on a single charge.

44incl. VAT

Full sound always at hand and for all

The Sentinel SE-1 wireless speakers will be with you every step of the way and ever-ready to deliver high-quality reproductions of any track you want to listen to or share with friends. Its outdoor stylings mean it is resistant to dust and water spray and this in combination with its rubber coating and sturdy build quality allows for peace of mind anywhere. Thanks to a long battery life, the Sentinel can play music for up to 20 hours.

Compact sound system in the countryside or city streets

Powerful sound combined with a compact size and a long battery life allow you to enjoy music of any genre with friends in any environment. LAMAX Beat speakers are always designed to be portable, usable and easy to use.

Wireless connection? Just turn it on.

The era of the audio cable is gone. The Sentinel easily connects to a mobile phone, tablet or laptop using Bluetooth 2.1 wireless technology and up to a distance of 25 metres. Not only this, the wireless technology allows you to play music from a microSD card inserted into the Sentinel or by using the audio input with the 3.5mm audio cable included.

Outdoor all-rounder

One of the features of outdoor equipment is multi-functionality and the Sentinel ST-1 continues this tradition. To the standard equipment it adds an FM radio with station presets. hands-free for convenient calling from a connected mobile and a practical LED flashlight. The Sentinel also has a clasp which means it can be attached almost anywhere or carried, for example, on a backpack.

Bluetooth and hands-free

Play music wirelessly at long distances or use as a hands-free speakerphone.

FM radio with digital tuner

Speaker automatically tunes to all available stations and you can then freely switch between them. The stations are stored as presets in the speaker memory.

Integrated MP3 player

Simply insert a microSD card containing music and the speaker becomes a standalone MP3 player.

Controls directly on the speaker

To change volume, switch tracks or take a call, you do not have to reach for your phone or tablet. You can control all the basic functions directly on the speaker.

Last track and station memory

After switching the speaker off and on again, it will remember your last played song or favourite radio station.

High-quality batteries

Sentinel-1 is the ideal companion for long trips on a single charge and plays continuously for up to 20 hours.

Power save function

No need to worry about your battery running out. When the speaker is idle for 10 minutes without pairing, it automatically turns off.

Resistant to water splash and dust

Speakers are built for use in the countryside and easily cope with dust and light rain.

Dual speakers

Two powerful stereo speakers provide audio of high enough quality for sitting outdoors or for a small celebration with friends.

Pack contents

  • Speaker
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • 3.5mm jack audio cable
  • Clasp
  • Operating Instructions
Online user manual Online catalog

Technical specifications

Wireless technology Bluetooth 2.1 enables pairing with older devices
Speaker power 10 W
Battery Lithium 2200 mAh
Playback time Up to 20 hours
Max. pairing distance Up to 25 metres

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